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Red Sox Mommy is a great blog about parenting, and issues that are important to moms by Natalie a mother of two daughters living in Colorado. Her blog is both entertaining and informative. Scroll down to read my exclusive interview with Natalie.


HM: What is your name and where are you from?
Natalie: Natalie a.k.a. Red Sox Mommy, originally from Utah but now in Colorado

HM: When did you start blogging?
Natalie: A little over 2 years ago

HM: Why do you blog?
Natalie: Originally I started because it seemed everyone else was doing it, but I rarely posted. Then about a year ago I got hooked. At first I was doing paid posts, but I rarely do those now. I started reviewing products and I've really enjoyed that and I love when a company gives me something to giveaway...I love giving stuff away, but generally can't afford to buy stuff to randomly giveaway. So that's fun.

HM: What is your blog about?
Natalie: I write about my family, throw in some random thoughts and a little Red Sox, but mostly I talk about products and companies that I find or that contact me for reviews.

HM: What are your ultimate goals for your blog?
Natalie: To keep me busy. Not that I'm not busy being a wife and a mother, but I need something that's mine. Plus we live in the boonies and visiting other bloggers gives me a sense of not being so secluded.

HM: What do you want your readers to get out of your blog?
Natalie: I want them to find products that are useful, I want them to "meet" me in a sense too.

HM: What do you do to get your readers to keep coming back?
Giveaways and I try to visit other bloggers too, this Summer it's been hard to visit as many as I want to, but with the Fall and Winter coming I think it will be easier because I'll be home more.

HM: Do you have any favorite blogs or any blogs that you read regularly?
Natalie: I like ontheupside.info, 5 Minutes for Mom, plus a few that are private that some friends and family have

HM: Do you have any advice for other bloggers?
Natalie: Ignore the rude comments, that's easier said than done, I actually abandoned a blog because of negative comments. But really, anyone who attacks another online is just a coward. Just delete (or not) the comment and keep doing what you're doing, because really your blog is for you.

HM: What is one thing that I did not cover in these set of questions that you feel we should know about you or your blog?
Natalie: Um, gosh I don't know. You won't find me discussing politics or religion. I mean, if someone makes a negative comment about my beliefs I might respond. But I'm not a political or religious blogger. I get my feelings hurt way too easily and I take things too personally, so I don't have a controversial blog.

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