I decided to rename this meme. Weekend Reflection just wasn't working right. It is the weekend and time to unwind, relieve some stress and discuss the past week. So grab a cup of coffee and join us here at Healthy Moms. What were some of the positive things that happened? What really bothered you? Did you laugh? Cry? Stand on your head? Whatever you did this past week I want to hear it. Writing down all the crazy things that happened over the past week is a good way to deal with stress. As our lives get busier and busier along with it is stress. It is time to let it all out so you can enjoy your weekend. If you don't have time to write all about your week just answer the Weekend Unwind question found at the bottom of this article. Grab the button code, make your blog post and don't forget to leave your link with MckLinky!

I still can't believe that it is September already. My oldest has been in school for a couple of weeks now and Ciara starts pre-school on Tuesday.

This past week was uneventful. The kids behaved for the most part. I'm being more strict with Ciara and Conan and it is finally working. The biggest issue that we have is that they make messes all over the house. If you have been following Healthy Moms for a while you've probably read several of my articles complaining about these messes. Now I've decided to teach them how to clean up or suffer consequences for not listening. I've tried playing the Laurie Berkner song while they clean up (I don't like the Barney one) but that doesn't always work. Instead I tell my little ones that if they don't clean up they will not get dessert after dinner. Or if we are planning an outing to a park I'll tell them that we will not go to the park. Bribery seems to work the best on Conan and Ciara. I am to the point where I'll try anything.

The baby has been sleeping a lot better lately but I haven't. The fact that my insomnia is returning and my other kids are keeping me up at night too has been stressing me out. And along with stress is more lack of sleep. I'm nursing so I can't take medications to help me sleep at night. (Another issue that is stressing me out). I swear it is a vicious cycle. I get so angry with myself because I want to wake up early to work on my blog and get my other website up and running but I haven't been able to because I'm awake in the middle of the night. So I've once again fallen behind and haven't had the time to comment and visit all of you. I apologize. Hopefully I can get back on track with that soon.

Finally last night I decided to go to bed right after I tucked in Conan and Ciara. This worked and I was able to get a decent amount of sleep. But I was awoken by the neighbors' loud party. At 3am they were cussing and swearing at each other and it sounded like there was a female crying too. My husband called the police but they never showed up. The Sacramento County Sheriffs' Department had to make major cuts and they laid a lot of the officers off. So now they are only responding to major crimes and not neighborhood disturbances.

I was able to get up at 4am this morning so I could write this nice and early. And I feel great!

Now for the unwind question of the week:

How much sleep do you get at night?

Your answer does not have to be long, unless you wish to elaborate. If you chose to participate this week don't forget to grab the button and leave your link! Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!

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